Becoming the Boogeyman

The terrifying sequel to the acclaimed New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling novel Chasing the Boogeyman, which was hailed as “genuinely chilling and something brand-new and exciting” (Stephen King) and “unforgettable” (Harlan Coben).

A riveting, haunting sequel to the New York Times bestselling thriller Chasing the Boogeyman—a tale of obsession and the adulation of evil, exploring modern society’s true-crime obsession with unflinching honesty, sparing no one from the glare of the spotlight. Will those involved walk away from the story of a lifetime in order to keep their loved ones safe? Or will they once again be drawn into a killer’s web? As the story draws to its shattering conclusion, only one person holds all the answers—and he just may be the most terrifying monster of them all.

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Published by: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: October 10, 2023

Praise & Reviews

Goodreads Choice 2023 Nominee for Best Horror

Becoming the Boogeyman is a worthy and frightening sequel to Chizmar’s Chasing the Boogeyman. Terrific storytelling. You won’t be disappointed.” —Stephen King

Becoming the Boogeyman is a compulsive, utterly immersive twist of fact and fiction. Richard Chizmar masterfully blends reality and imagination to deliver something wholly original and totally gripping from start to finish. I couldn’t stop turning the pages, even when I wanted to turn away. Don’t miss this edge-of-your seat chiller that will keep you guessing—and guessing again.” —Lisa Unger

Becoming the Boogeyman is at times almost unbearably suspenseful and at times incredibly poignant. Richard Chizmar delves deep into our worst fears and touches the darkness that lives there. An amazing book.” —S. A. Cosby

Becoming the Boogeyman is Richard Chizmar at his most original and creative. A book that is as fun as it is smart and scary. I love the Boogeyman books so much!” —Caroline Kepnes

“A deliciously chilling follow-up to Chasing the Boogeyman—suspenseful, unsettling, and absolutely compelling. I couldn’t put it down.” —Meg Gardiner

“Richard Chizmar has pulled off one hell of a sequel, delivering the rare thriller that is truly original and unlike anything else you’ll read this year. While the tension is high and the chills plentiful, it is the human heart of the book that lingers once the tale is told.” —Michael Koryta

“Sinuous and twisting and utterly unputdownable, Becoming the Boogeyman slices deep from the start and twists the knife until the very end. I was terrified, moved, and gripped by turns. A tour de force.” —Catriona Ward

Chasing the Boogeyman was brilliant. Becoming the Boogeyman is even better. An engrossing mystery, a chilling portrayal of obsession, and a terrifying take on how we commercialize evil and condemn the innocent. Fascinating, gruesome, heartbreaking, and chilling. This is masterful storytelling that will hold you in its icy claws to the very bitter end.” —C. J. Tudor

“Chizmar’s vast talents as a masterful and singular storyteller are on full display in Becoming the Boogeyman—an ingenious, terrifying, and supremely suspenseful novel that seeks answers for the roots of evil and obsession, while remaining grounded in humanity and a love for family and friendship. It has the ring of classic horror and suspense while remaining wholly original. A must-read.” —Eric Rickstad

“Chizmar’s Becoming the Boogeyman, a uniquely blended tale of fact and fiction, has you asking yourself, did this really happen? And even if it didn’t, it feels like it could, and that will chill you to the bone.” —Linwood Barclay

“Like his friend and former coauthor Stephen King, Chizmar is a master of capturing the horrors beneath the surface of suburbia. King would certainly approve here — this is stunning.” Daily Mail

Chizmar blends reality and fantasy in a way that can only be described as intoxicating: heightening your emotions, blunting your skepticism, and luring you into trouble. ” — Vanity Fair

“Becoming The Boogeyman is a diabolically delightful dessert, one that not only compliments the entrée but leaves the reader starving for more.” Horror Nation

Always edgy and taking a left when you’re sure it’s gonna go right – Becoming The Boogeyman is a masterclass in misdirection and suspense made all the more believable by Chizmar’s ability to lead you into this fictional story centered by his actual family and friends.” — Gruesome Magazine

Overall, Becoming the Boogeyman is a deeply layered examination of the role true crime plays in our own world while simultaneously existing as an addictive, suspenseful horror/crime thriller.” —FanFiAddict

Becoming the Boogeyman is sure to be this season’s macabre must-read, guaranteed to provoke terror even as it inspires thought.” —CriminalElement