October 26 — “The Custer Files” in Fantastic Tales of Terror (Crystal Lake Publishing)

October 26 — Widow’s Point Bulgarian Edition (Pleiad Books)

November 2 — “Cemetery Dance” reprinted in Shining In the Dark U.K. Edition (SST Publications)

November 3 — “Murder House” World Premiere at Buffalo Dreams Film Festival

November 8 — Gwendy’s Button Box Spanish Edition (Penguin Random House)

November 28 — Widow’s Point German Edition (Buchheim Verlag)

December — The Long Way Home Hardcover/eBook (PS Publishing)

December — Gwendy’s Button Box Dutch Edition (House of Books)

December — Christine essay reprinted in Reading Stephen King Italian Edition (Independent Legions Publishing)

January 2019 — “A Tribute to Stephen King” reprinted in Tracing Trails (Darker Worlds Publishing)

February 2019 — “The Artist” in Brothers in Arms (Gauntlet Publications)

March 2019 — The Vault Hardcover/Trade Paperback (Thunderstorm Books)

March 2019 — Shivers 8 German Edition (Buchheim Verlag)

May 2019 — The Long Way Home Trade Paperback (CD Pub)

August 2019 — The Girl on the Porch Hardcover/eBook (Subterranean Press)

October 2019 — Widow’s Point Brazilian Edition (Darkside Books)

October 2019 — Gwendy’s Button Box Taiwan Edition (Homeward)

Also in 2019:

 Widow’s Point — U.K. Limited Edition (SST Publications)

“The Hunch” in The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias (LVP Publications)

“The Carnival” in Midnight Under the Big Top (CD Pub)

“Whistling in the Dark” in At Home in the Dark (Subterranean Press)

“The Witch” reprinted in Halloween Haunts: Volume One (Dark Regions Press)

“Blood Brothers” reprinted in A Time for Violence (Near to the Knuckle Press)

Gwendy’s Button Box — Turkish Edition (Inkilap)

Gwendy’s Button Box — Czech Republic Edition (Beta)

Gwendy’s Button Box — Russian Edition (AST)

Gwendy’s Button Box — Bulgarian Edition (Bard)

“Trapped” (film) — Story by Stephen King & Richard Chizmar; Written by Richard Chizmar; Directed by Billy Chizmar

“Widow’s Point” (film) — Based on the book by Richard Chizmar & Billy Chizmar; Directed and Written by Gregory Lamberson

December 2018 update

THE LONG WAY HOME — the hardcover edition is nearly sold out. Our copies from PS Publishing should arrive next week. We will ship them out immediately. A trade paperback and eBook will be available in the Spring. I just sold audio rights. More details soon.

MURDER HOUSE — currently showing at many festivals. Has already won several awards. We have turned down two legit offers to have it included in anthology-type feature films and one offer for distribution. It WILL be available later in 2019 through iTunes, Amazon Prime and many other venues.

TRAPPED — Billy and I have watched several cuts and are thrilled with the job the Sympatico crew has done with editing. We will have a finished version sometime in January. We will most likely submit to a handful of festivals and then it will be available via iTunes, Amazon Prime, etc later in 2019.

WIDOW’S POINT (feature film) — deep in post production. The footage I have seen looks terrific. I have a full rough cut and plan to sit down and watch next week. Director Gregory Lamberson is on schedule and we should have a final cut in the next couple months. More details to follow. Also news coming soon on a movie tie-in paperback edition.

THE GIRL ON THE PORCH — due in August from Subterranean Press, this thriller will sport one of my all-time favorite covers and some very kind blurbs from writers I adore. A handful of advance proofs (pictured below) were sent out to film folks. Sub Press ARCs should be available shortly. I believe they plan to officially announce the book next month.