Murder House Murder House

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Cemetery Dance

Murder House

  • written with W.H. Chizmar; original short script; Cemetery Dance Productions/Sympatico Films; 2018
  • Executive Producer; 2018
  • Co-director with Billy Chizmar
Every small town has a haunted house located within its borders. If not haunted by things unseen and unknown, then a place borne of violent tragedy. Some of these houses become legendary and enter the national conscience. The Amityville Horror in upstate New York comes to mind. Tonight is the five-year anniversary of the Cavanaugh family massacre, and for the first time in several years someone will dare to enter the belly of the beast in Edgewood, Maryland--the Murder House.


“If ‘The Amityville Horror’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’ had a baby film, ‘Murder House’ would be that creepy child.” — Horror Nation